Purpose of the position

·         To ensure timely delivery of all supplies and equipment to customers


Ø  Filing and checking before going out of the office of Delivery Receipts, Sales Invoice, Requisition Slips and other documents related to Inventory Management

Ø  Ensure orderliness, cleanliness and safety in the warehouse and see to it that stocks are in good order and condition

Ø  Get instruction and abide on the schedule of collection and delivery from the Materials and Management In-charge and from the Accounting Department

Ø  Assist in the inventory updates accurately on a regular basis

Ø  Responsible for on time deliveries and its proper documentation

Ø  Handles company vehicles and responsible for its proper maintenance

Ø  In charge in processing Barangay, Mayors permits, BIR etc.

Ø  In charge of driving the boss and guests during meetings/appointments



·         Not older than 40-year-old

·         At least 2 years’ vocational course graduate

·          w/experience in messengerial works

·         License 1, 2, 3

·         Preferably from Quezon City or nearby area

WORK LOCATION: Timog Quezon City

SALARY RANGE: Negotiable

For Direct Hire


Send resume at hr.joanaordonez@gmail.com

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