Hardware Engineer


• Design new product and maintain all Digital electrical boards and/or Analog, circuits, components and interconnects.

• Provide technical and non technical support

• Develop and implement product designs and provide support to production and ensure compliance to time-frame, quality and cost targets.

• Manage technical aspects and monitor efficient deployment of new technologies and systems.

• Perform market research using various techniques such as market surveys and search engines to ensure product compatibility with Management technical architectures.

• Analyze all product performance pricing and ensure adherence to Trade Agreement Act, life period forecasts and product distribution.

• Coordinate with product development teams to perform Design for Testability (DFT) on design cycle.

• Develop test strategy for products (Devices and system) to check viability with expected product cost and volumes and communicate findings to design teams.



• Preferably male

• Must be 22 years to 29 years old

• Graduate of  ECE, Electrical Engineering Courses

• Atleast 1 year work related experience

• Fresh Graduate may apply.

Work Location: Banawe Quezon City

Starting Salary: 15,000

Work Schedule: Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to 5:30pm

For Direct Hire


Send resumes to hr.joanaordonez@gmail.com

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