A. Objective and Scope of Work of Post Required
This year 2017, LinkBuild will be getting on to its third year of operation and is gradually expanding the scale of its programmes and projects in different parts of the country. It is venturing into new schemes on a larger scale which involve land/real estate property acquisition, infrastructure development and housing construction and hence, will entail larger capital investments (relative to past projects). Alongside this expansion, LInkBuild is commensurately building on its systems and human resource capacity in all aspects, including finance.

The Administrative and Finance Assistant will be a reinforcement to the current composition of the Finance Team.

C. Terms of Reference

The Administrative and Finance Assistant shall have the following functions and responsibilities:
1. Performs administrative tasks, such as:
o Making all necessary travel arrangements (i.e., booking of air tickets, accommodation, other logistical requirements, as necessary) for staff, consultants, guests, Board, and others involved in LinkBuild’s business-related trips.

o Ensuring that government payables are remitted on time (taxes, statutory benefits, permits and licenses).

o Ensuring that necessary accreditations, project registration, other permits, licenses required and other business-related compliances are processed, completed and filed on time and as required.

o Managing Linkbuild’s general files – both physical and electronic/online – including maintaining and updating LinkBuild’s data management system.

o Being responsible for and ensuring office cleanliness at all times, as well for overall general maintenance.

o Act as one of the administrator of Linkbuild’s Facebook Accounts.
2. Primarily responsible for the management of LinkBuild’s procurement process, at central office and project levels. As such, she/he:
o Will ensure that procurement policies are diligently adhered to by all staff and project implementers.

o At central office, will be responsible for canvassing of prices, obtaining quotations and undertaking actual procurement of supplies, equipment and services in coordination and with the approval of the designated official.

o At project level, will be responsible for checking that all procurement documentation is complete prior to approval of the designated official and prior to any approval of fund requests.

o Will provide research and logistical support to project staff, as necessary, related to procurement (e.g., sourcing/identificaiton of national/overseas suppliers and manufacturers, assisting with goods importation, etc.)
3. Primarily responsible for the inventory and upkeep of LinkBuild’s tools, equipment and other materials and supplies, at both central office and project levels. As such, he/she:
o Will keep updated records of LinkBuild’s physical assets;
o Will undertake regular physical checks of equipment, tools, and other materials and supplies, to ensure that they have not been inadvertently lost, burglarized, damaged or become inoperable. (e.g. inventories of books, equipment, supplies and materials)
4. Provide finance support to LinkBuild’s operations. As such, he/she:
o Will handle authorized day to day bank transactions.
o Will oversee the preparation of monthly withholding tax, Annual BIR, SEC and other compliances.

o Will monitor records and follow up unsettled cash advances to regions
o Will check all liquidated receipts/documents in accordance with the project contract.

o Will ensure that the manual book of accounts records are complete and updated weekly.

o Will prepare statements and reconciliation of all related accounts (such as bank recon and account subsidiary ledgers).

o Will assist in the preparation of financial audits, together with the Junior Finance Officer.

o Will update cashflows regularly and report the related financial matters to the Senior Finance Officer and Executive Director.
5. Support and assist the Senior Finance Officer and/or the Executive Director, in any given tasks not included in this ToR, but which are within similar capacity of the designated position.

About LinkBuild, Inc.

LinkBuild Inc. is a non-profit housing social enterprise registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 7th February 2014 with the following primary purposes as:

  1. To cater to the shelter and settlement needs of the poor through the operation of a sustainable social housing.
  2. To provide scaled-up affordable, innovative and sustainable solutions and services in social housing delivery, residential land acquisition, site development and other shelter- and built environment-related services for urban and rural poor communities, including those affected by or are vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters.
  3. To support the sustainability objectives of LinkBuild’s current and future partner institutions towards the furthering of their respective social missions.
  4. To promote, apply and integrate principles of people’s participation, green building, ecological design and sustainable technologies in relevant aspects of LinkBuild’s service delivery.

LinkBuild works closely with its partners under the Philippine Alliance umbrella, to provide the various services and expertise needed to achieve the above aims. It primarily works with the Homeless People’s Federation Philippines Inc. (HPFPI) a national federation of organised community associations. HPFPI primarily undertakes community organising and mobilisation, community savings initiation, project-related social preparations and engagement with LGUs, government agencies and other stakeholders. LinkBuild also works with the Technical Assistance Movement for People and Environment Inc. (TAMPEI), a technical service NGO which provides assistance in participatory housing design, site planning, construction supervision, etc; and with its housing micro-finance partner, the Community Resources for the Advancement of Capable Societies (COREACS).

LinkBuild is mainly supported by Reall, a UK-based international development enterprise that is dedicated to alleviating housing conditions in informal settlements across the developing world. Reall provides capital loans and capacity grants/loans, as well as technical support to help LinkBuild achieve institutional and program sustainability.