Bryant W. Celedio
Mobile: (773) 724-4192



Experience summary
Over 10+ years of experience in Information Technology, Health Care & Hospitality IT support encompassing the following


Professional Areas of Expertise:


Enterprise Training
IT Operations
IT Help Desk
Web Development tools & Portals
Web Application Development
Healthcare Operations
Healthcare Nursing
Customer Support


·         Technology:


Software Applications
Programming Languages
Cisco IOS
Microsoft Visio Pro
Microsoft Office Suite(Excel)
Active Directory
Custom Applications

·         Training and Education– Plan, Develop, and provide training and staff development programs. Coordinate, create and establish courses which are technically and professionally focused.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems


DeVry University – Sherman Oaks, CA


Certifications – CCNA, pending completion 2019

Professional Experience

Client: Travelodge                                                                                                            October 2012 – Present

Role: IT Support, Front Desk Manager


Major Responsibilities:

Ø  Manage Day to Day Operation of Travelodge Franchise Hotel.

Ø  Customer Support

Ø  Provide IT support.

Ø  Communicate status to all Stakeholders & Senior Management

Ø  Facilitate Training, Coaching & Customer Awareness to other coworkers

Ø  Nightly Audits Reporting

Ø  Ensure that all guest needs met, manage guest scheduling and reservations

Ø  Audit transaction records for accuracy and completeness

Ø  Troubleshoot payment processing and computer software related issues



Client: Surgical Care Affiliates                                                                            June 2008 – June 2011

Role: Staff Software Educator





Ø  Train staff on use of IT systems and software.

Ø  Develop curriculum for staff training.

Ø  Provide follow up support for IT systems and software.

Ø  Troubleshoot and find solutions to software issues.

Ø  Collaborate with team to improve efficiency and use of resources.




Client: All’s Well Staffing Agency                                                                       Jan 2005 – June 2008

Role: Case Manager



Ø  Assess client’s need for medical services in a home setting.

Ø  Collaborate with multi-disciplinary team to form and implement plan of care for clients.

Ø  Allocate resources as appropriate for client and according to care plan.





references:      Available on Request