I would describe myself as ambitious and eager. I am not a clock-watcher and I am prepared to work hard

not only for the company, but also for myself. I am also a committed team player and have a keen sense of

responsibility. I believe that your company can provide me the necessary opportunities to achieve my goal

in exchange for a stable and secure job in which I can prove myself. I can offer the company loyalty, honesty

and dedication. Working with people on all levels is also one of my traits.

I firmly believe that initiative, knowledge, communication, efficiency and dedication are important facets in

any occupation. Enjoyment of exercising creative and analytical skills to overcome obstacles and meet

challenges is a motivational factor. Motivation comes from a sense of achieving working objectives. If there

is scope for upward mobility in any organization, it becomes necessary to strive for it. I am looking forward

to an interview; I pledge to present my case fully and more prospectively.