Akim Oda – Eastern Region

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Accomplished Mining Engineer with more than 11 years working experience in driving large-scale projects to successful completion; Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of mining engineering principles and Manages project budgets and resources and applies analytical skills to resolve drilling and blasting design and development issues; Drives compliance with safety and regulatory guidelines while meeting client expectations; Leverages skill in MS Office Suite, MS Project, SURPAC and AEL Intelligent Blasting Software.


B.Sc. Mining Engineer – University of Mines and Technology, Ghana – (2014)

HND Chemical Engineer – Kumasi Technical University, Ghana – (2001)

Blats Book Certificate – 2269 – Minerals Commission, Ghana

Mining Foreman Certificate – Minerals Commission, Ghana

First Aid Certificate – St. John’s Ambulance, Accra

Driver’s License (C) Category


Ø  Write Microsoft Excel macro (Algorithm) for execution of drill and blast projects.

Ø  Experience in AEL Intelligent Blasting Software.

Ø  Good in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and outlook) and MS Project.

Ø  Use Geovia Surpac software to design Blast round, Haul road, Pit, Waste dump and

Dewatering sump blast.

Ø  Excellent planning, organizing and management skills.

Ø  Switch files from Excel (CSV) to Surpac (STR) and vice versa.

Ø  Competent in incident/accident investigation.

Ø  Experience in both Electronic (Digi-Shot) and NONEL Blasting.

Ø  Budgeting & Forecasting and Planning & Scheduling.

Ø  Good written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills.


Engineers & Planners – Tarkwa

Drill & Blast Engineer

(Senior Blasting Supervisor) – April 2018 – Date


Ø  Responsible for working within and according to the site Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

Ø  Developed short and long term drilling and blasting plans to effectively plan and design drilling patterns for future blast using SURPAC software.

Ø  Managed 54 blasting crew to achieve 2,180,000 BCM of material blasted per month.

Ø  Developed technical reports to provide vital insights for drilling & blasting project implementation.

Ø  Designed drilling and blasting proposals for certification by both Mine Manager and drill and blast Unit manager 24hrs before commencement.

Ø  Developed Wall and berm stability blast design.

Ø  Ensured good blast and perfect mining floor is achieved.

Ø  Strictly ensured drill and blast operations adhered to QA/QC.

Ø   Developed and initiated continues improvement projects

Ø  Reported off-plan reports for production and planning meetings.

Ø  Performed any other duty assigned to me by the Drill & Blast unit Manager.

Ø  Mentors and coached subordinates through in-service training.

Ø  Handled all employees’ complaint and made sure that the enabling working environment were created for them.

Goldfields Ghana – Tarkwa

Drill & Blast Engineer

Blasting Supervisor (September 2015 – April 2018)


Ø  Optimized drill fleet schedules, targets and requirements within their limitations.

Ø  Ensured that short and long term blasting schedules match the preferred zone sequencing.

Ø  Provided reports on actual drill meters and conducted reconciliations on them.

Ø  Produced post blast analysis report.

Ø  Provided tie-up plans for Drill & Blast operations using “intelligent blasting software”.

Ø  Monitored explosive usage, fragmentation and powder factors

Ø  Assisted administratively with month end accruals and invoices for explosives and accessories.

Ø  Acted as liaison to the explosive supplier for all technical matters.

Ø  Developed blast matrices for the different hole sizes, material types and geological domains and used these for blast designs.

Ø  Promoted and lead business improvement projects involving drilling and blasting.

Ø  Ensured all designs are evaluated to ensure any hazards to workers, the public, and the environment was minimized through project design parameters.

Ø  Ensured regulatory, corporate and site safety and environmental standards are being followed.

Ø  Ensured that environmental policies and strategies by the government are incorporated into Drill and Blast plans.

Ø  Performed any other task assigned to me by the Drill and Blast Unit Manager.

Goldfields Ghana – Tarkwa

Mining Engineer

Trainee – (September 2014 – August 2015)


Ø  Ensured all GETs are utilized efficiently and in good condition.

Ø  Ensured continues improvement project was successfully implemented through efficient data delivery.

Ø  Checked on rigs and their GETs and reported on time.

Ø  Ensured sections reconciliation and Database are updated on daily basis with proper records and accountability.

Ø  Handled all employees’ complaint and make sure the enabling environment created for them to deliver their best.

Ø  Performed any other duty assigned to me by the Drill & Blast unit Manager.

Ø  Ensured 85% of Rigs availability was utilized.

Ø  Ensured Rigs operators adhered to their plan maintenance (P M) to enhance rigs availability.

Ø  Checked on blasting activities to ensure they strictly adhere to company’s policy.

Ø  Checked on drilling activities to ensure rigs work according to company’s procedures.

Ø   Checked on hole dippers to ensure they are drilling to the plan depth.

Ø  Ensured over charging of drill holes were avoided to prevent blasting non-conformities.

Worked with dewatering and construction to ensure roads are constructed to design plan and underground water was pumped to the exact location plan by the mine planners. Also reflector poles were placed on the haul roads intermittently as plan to highlight dangers.

Ø  Worked with mine planners on planning and scheduling for both short and long term mine plan.

Ø  Worked with the survey department to write Strings and DTMs for the various mine site.

Ø  Worked with the Geology section to ensure proper input of ore reserve is done to ensure best drilling and blasting practices as well as load and hauling of materials to avoid ore dilution.

Ø  Worked with the safety section to ensure workers adheres to safe working habits.

AngloGold Ashanti – Iduaprim, Tarkwa

Industrial Attachment – (May 2012 – July 2012)


I had the opportunity to learn the following mining skills from the experience mining engineers, includes:

Ø  Planning and Scheduling

Ø  Dewatering of pit and construction of haul roads.

Ø  Drilling pattern design on the computer.

Ø  Blasting practices.

Ø  Truck assignment to excavators.

Ø  Sump blasting for dewatering.

Ø  Tie-ups for blasting.

Ø  Survey pick-ups

Ø  Geological interpretations.

Ø  Safety adherence at all levels.

AngloGold Ashanti – Obuase

Industrial Attachment – (May 2011 – July 2011)


I had the opportunity to learn the following from the experience mining engineers and they include:

Ø  Engineering studies (from scoping to feasibility)

Ø  Mining context definition and mining methods selection.

Ø  Economic cut-off grade

Ø  Estimation of mineable tonnage and production rate assessment.

Ø  Development and production scheduling.

Ø  Geotechnical characterization and ground support system design.

Ø  Drill and blast design and fragmentation analysis.

Ø  Ventilation system modeling and design.

Ø  Backfill method analysis and system design.

Ø  Equipment and manpower requirements.

Ø  Operating cost benchmarking and cost modeling.

Ø  Open pit to underground transition analysis.

Ø  Draw control for caving operations.

Ø  Risk analysis and management.

Ø  Life-of-mine plan optimization.




Hobbies:                                                                                                  Language:

Reading, Football and Snooker                                         English, French (Basic) & Akan (Twi)











Prosper N. Aabulleh                                    Abdulrazac Suleimana

Drill & Blast Superintendent,                      Snr. Mining Engineer & Assist Project Manager – AMS.

Engineers & Planners,                                AngloGold Iduaprim Mine,

Tarkwa, Ghana.                                             Tarkwa, Ghana.

No: +233 -552561782                                  No: +233-245540087




University of Mines and Technology - Tarkwa, Ghana

2010 - 2014 B.Sc. Mining Engineer


Goldfields Ghana ltd

2015 - date Drill and Blast Engineer