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I am a positive hard working team player with a result based focus. My goal is to provide value to the company/organisation while I serve as an employee as I also receive value in return.



·         Good leadership skills

·         Excellent Verbal Communication Skills

·         Team Liaison Skills

·         Project Management Skills

·         Ability to accept challenges

·         Budgeting

·         Determination to achieve goals




Organization: Victoria Hellen Academy and Thom and Jerry Schools (January 2018-

Position: Head of Finance and Administration


·         Train, encourage, and mentor teachers and other staff.

·         Supervise teachers, counsellors, librarians, and other support staff.

·         Work actively with teachers to maintain high curriculum standards.

·         Selling the institutions to both old and new clients and making sure that the good reputation of the schools are maintained.

·         Meet with other administrators, parents, and community organizations.

·         Managing and leading the recruitment processes of the institutions.

·         Recording and reporting the cash flow transactions of the school.

ü  This department has some key accounting roles and responsibilities, including;

§     accounts receivable,

§     accounts payable,

§     payroll,

§     financial reporting,

§     And maintaining financial controls.

§     Making sure tax and insurance money is remitted.

Organisation: Goal Malawi. (INGO) July 2017- December 2017

Position: Logistics/ Procurement Officer


Responsible for ensuring that GOAL security, procurement, fleet, warehouses and stock controls are operating in an efficient manner, following all the policies and procedures of the GOAL Logistics Manual, in providing support to the GOAL programs.

Organization: Goal Malawi. (INGO) March 2016- June 2017

Position: M & E Officer (Junior)


·         Routine Monitoring:  Collect project implementation data with a view to reporting on the extent to which project outputs have been realised.  Provide analysis to the implementing team to inform decision making.  Participate in Joint Monitoring Activities with District level partners.

·         Community Monitoring System Design/improvement: Develop community monitoring systems for key project indicators

·         Database Maintenance and Management:  ensure that project databases aligned to core project indicators are instituted and updated on regular bases as informed by M&E plans.

·         Beneficiary Verifications: Ensure that projects are maintaining accurate and up to date beneficiary lists and that beneficiary verifications are conducted on a regular basis.

·         Accountability: implement community level accountability mechanisms and see to it that community complaints are investigated and feedback provided.

·         Planning and Review Meetings: Ensure that planning meetings are based on project performance evidenced by monitoring data.

·         Reporting and Documentation: support development of project reports through maintenance of well updated indicator trackers.  Lead in the process of documenting project success stories and ensure that project officers are capable of and capturing success stories.

·         Capacity Building: Train project staff as well as community level partners in M&E





Organisation: Eminence; Self- Employed (Consultant). July 2018-

Position: Resources Mobilizer


Responsible for the following

·         Identifying potential donors for clients

·         Connecting with donors

·         Writing project proposals, business plans, strategic plans and related documents

·         Handing over the blue print of the work done to the organization/ business/individual for implementation.

·         Guiding and assisting in the implementation of the project.




2012- 2015: Catholic University of Malawi.

Programme: Bachelor of commerce (B.Com) in Business Administration.


2009: Njamba Community Day Secondary School.

Education: Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE)


1999- 2002: Umodzi Private Secondary School

Education: Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE)


1996-2006: French cultural centre.

Programme: Certificates and diplomas in French language



2015: Haas Business School/ Philanthropy University.

Programme:Fundraising-How to Connect with Donors.


2015: Centre for Research and Development consultancy

Programme: Certificate in a training program in Project Proposal Writing, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Survey Data Management Using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)



French to English or Chichewa and versa-verse interpreter for the following;

·         2011: Enlightening Christian Gathering seminar.

·         2011: interpreting a private meeting of the vice president at the MUDI residence (vice president residential house) with African francophone nationals visitors.

·         2012: Assemblies of God church.

English to French document translation

·         2014: African Institute of Corporate Citizenship strategic thrust, concept notes

English to Chichewa Translation

·         2015- 2016: translating a book ‘Happy are Those’ by P. Schaadt from English to Chichewa

·         2019- Translating a book of pastors from English to Chichewa for the Malawi United Methodist Pastors.


·         Chichewa (Native)

·         English (Fluent/ Second language)

·         French (Fluent)



·         Travelling

·         Reading

·         Learning other languages