Mr Presley Govender
ID Number: 8205115080084

Current Location: Westville, KZN
Nationality: South African
EE Status: Indian Male
Drivers: Yes – Code 08
Languages: English

• 2017 – 2019 Post Grad in Risk Management – UNISA
• 2015 Bachelor’s Degree in Safety Management (BTSMN) – UNISA, NQF Level 7
• 2018 GIBBS Advanced Leadership Course

• 2019 – Scotwork Negotiation Training
• 2018 – Business Continuity Training – IRMSA
• 2015 – Trained Shore Maritime Officer – SHELL
• 2015 – ISO 9001 – Internal Auditor Training – SABS
• 2015 – ISO 9001 – Internal Auditor Training – SABS
• 2012 – Design of Outcomes Based Assessment and Design of Training Material – (EDTP –SETA)
• 2011 – Asbestos Awareness Training – Ergosaf/ Lexis Nexis
• 2010 – ICDL Certificate in Microsoft Office 2010 – ICDL Foundation
• 1999 – Matric


Blendcor (JV SHELL and BP)
HSSE Manager
Reporting: CEO/ Board Quarterly Basis
Indirect: HSSE Global Director – Regional Performance
2013 – Present
• Responsible for overall management of the QSHE on site, including risk identification, mitigation, initiating risk mitigation
and retention strategies in line with the business WCM strategy.
• Reporting to board/ Exco on overall business risks. Quarterly risk reporting to Audit and Risk Committee and Board/ Exco
• Direct Reports: 4 (Environmental Specialist, Security Mng, Health & Wellness Mng; Safety Mng, – Indirect reports – 14
• Good understanding of implementing SHEQ systems nationally (OHSAS 18001, ISO14001 & ISO9001)
• Conducting monthly reviews with all operational units, assessing of risk exposure to the organisation, clear and accurate
reporting to A&R/ Board
• Monthly review includes a review of mitigation plans in place, and assessing the residual risks to the organisation
• Work with all operational departments for weekly OSHE plans deployment and ensure site targets are achieved.
• Responsible for the deployment of all new standards on site for all critical QSHE standards and systems.

• Full knowledge of all hazards on site, and a structured programme to cascade to the shop floor.
• Responsible for all changes required in terms of the site incident management plan
• Ensure compliance to TNPA & NERSA and DEA on all compliance related requirements
• Compile site Business Continuity Plan, to mitigate risks to the organisation
• Responsible for overall legal compliance on site, set up compliance universe and tracking and closure of legal compliance
• Management and responsibility of the HSSE portfolio and the Integrated Management System (Health, Safety,
Environment, Security and Quality) – Reporting to Board of Directors on overall HSSE performance and overall business
risks for regions.
• Responsible to conduct site specific training, PTW, manual handling. Etc.

Key Achievements
• Development of a site turnaround strategy to address behavioural challenges and poor safety performance. (2013 –
• Site Achieved a safety record of 4 Million Injury Free Hours – December 2017. Reference article written attached.
(Generative Safety Culture in an Organisation)
• Responsible for the site Environmental Impact reduction turnaround project – (2013 – 2015) Reduction of spillages
on site
• Responsible for Developing the Business Risk and Compliance Strategy – (2017 -2019)
• Winner of the GIBBS Strategic Challenge Award – 2018
• Successful transition to new Environmental, Quality Standards – ISO 14001: 2015; AND ISO 9001:2008 – 2018
• Developed the site BCP, to ensure that all business risks have mitigation plans in place to reduce risk/ exposure to the
• Development of the Risk strategy and vision for the organization to further ensure that the safety and risk culture is
embedded in the organisation
• Oversight on all HSSEQ audits to ensure compliance to all standard requirements: ISO 14001: 2015; ISO 45001:
2018 AND ISO 9001: 2015
• Responsible for all internal and external audit programme. Responsible for all emergency planning activities, PIMAD drills
and marine test scenarios in line with ISOGOTT requirements

Veolia Environmental Services
National Compliance Manager (DBN, JHB, PE) 2007 – 2013
• Responsible for the implementation, design and maintenance of the following integrated systems certified by the SABS.
(South African Bureau of Standards)
• Ensuring the company is in legal compliance to all permits, exemptions, bylaws and national legislation. Liaising with local
and provincial authorities in each region
• Applying and renewing all provincial and national permits and exemptions
• Conducting of internal SHEQ audits for all regions and reporting to senior management in regular management review
• Good understanding of SHEQ systems (ISO45001, ISO14001 & ISO9001)
• Handling of all compensation claims and correspondence with the Department of Labour nationally
• Reporting to senior management and board of directors of the SHE performance of the company on a monthly basis. (DIFR
& LTIFR, Accidents and Environmental Incidents.)
• Discussing the SHE performance with the Exco team on a regular basis via Management Review meetings and involved
with the setting of national SHE objectives and targets
• Coordination and submission of all required training information to the relevant SETA. (WSP and ATR Submissions)
• Appointed incident investigator for all lost time injuries, disabling injuries and major accidents, nationally
• Responsible for compiling national safety budget, with senior management
Key Achievements
• Finalist of SABS Presidents Awards 2011 & 2012 – Aligned the SHE objectives of the business to achieve a business
growth of 50%. Company was the runner up for the 2011 SABS Presidents Awards
• Implemented ISO 14001: 2004; ISO 9001;2008 & OHSAS 18001:2007 nationally in DBN, JHB and PE, certified by
the SABS. Runner up for the SABS Presidents Award in 2011 & 2012
Reason For Leaving: Head Hunted




2012 - 2015 Bachelors Degree in Safety


2017 - 2019 Post Grad Governance & Risk

Final year – Completing in 2019


Jan 2018 - Dec 2018 Advanced Leadership Course


Blendcor - JV SHELL & BP

June 2013 to date HSSE Manager

Current Employer

Veolia Environmental Services

June 2007 - June 2013 National Compliance Mng