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Personal Particulars

Residential Address: Flat No 301, Rahul Apartments, Marol Pipe Line, Kadam Wadi

Mumbai, India

Date of Birth:            25th Feb 1982

Nationality:               Indian

Gender:                   Male

Results oriented human resource professional with over 12 years of experience in leading strategic and operational HR initiatives within the maritime industry; strong background in seafarers grievance management, psycho social well-being and on-board conflict resolution
Demonstrated excellence in ensuring fair, effective and impartial grievance redressal system within the purview of company policies and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; deft in reporting and escalating unresolved complaints to various concerned internal departments and senior management to ensure organizational justice to all employees and other competent authorities including flag state authorities and Directorate General of Shipping
Acknowledged for impartial handling of complaints regarding sexual harassment/gender discrimination as part of the internal committee specially constituted for gender justice and harassment free  workplace onboard
Deft in carrying out well structured debriefing of seafarers on their experience while working on board ships so as to resolve reported complaints related to welfare aspects/facilities, conflicts /inter departmental issues, difficulties faced while dealing with shore offices,  non compliance of  employment contract/company policies/Terms of employment/Collective bargaining agreement, Maritime labour convention,  Directorate General of Shipping rules of recruitment and placement services for seafarers in India
Expertise in encouraging and overseeing socialization  and employee engagement activities  along with contributing and generating innovative ideas of engagement so as to curtail difficulties of social isolation, job stress and improvisingwork place tranquility on board
Proven skills in ensuring effective coordination with families of seafarers while seafarers are on-board so as to provide all possible assistance and moral support during medical emergencies and various difficulties at home
Skilled in providing moral support to seafarers in case of medical sign off and hospitalization abroad  to ensure medical and welfare benefits and regularly updating and assisting families during crisis times
Highlights: Pioneer in Employee Engagement programs, instrumental in ideating human touch and social support initiatives
Key Member of the emergency cell wherein responsible for extending support in unexpected situations like accidents, hijack, kidnappings, natural and accidental deaths, man missing, etc.

·         Employee Delight
·         Attrition Management
·         Emergency Support
·         Legal Compliances
·         Employer Branding
·         Exit interview
·         Collective Bargaining
·         Psycho Social Wellbeing
·         Capability Building
·         Issue Resolutions
·         Crisis Management
·         Grievance Management

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Proficient in English
·         Master of Business Administration, SBS-SIBACA, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune, India – 2007

·         Master of Science – Health and Behavioral Sciences, specialization – Clinical Psychology, School of Behavioral Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India – 2004

·         Bachelor of Science – Chemistry, St. Berchmans College, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala – 2002



AESM, Mumbai, India
Welfare Manager/Head of the Department
Dec 2007– Till date
Key Deliverable:

·         Steering the implementation of companies grievance procedures and successfully controlling the grievances

·         Responsible for the debriefing and counseling of seagoing staff post theironboard ship work assignments and providing assistance to them in addressing their valid and pertinent concerns to the Senior Management and facilitating the resolutions

·         Carrying out organizational research activities and surveys to comprehendseveral issues pertaining to work faced by the seagoing staff

·         Spearheading the implementation and development Human Resource Management activities that entails employee relationship, Employee wellbeing and satisfaction management system and co-ordination of Employee benefit programs

·         Imparting guidance to the seagoing employees to resolve their issues,occurring while dealing with various departments and systems and ensuring systematic follow-up and in coordination with relevant departments for cordial issue/matter settlement

·         Analyzing and determining the adequate adherence pertaining to labor contracts terms including Terms of Employment and collective bargaining agreements thereby facilitating the correctional measures towards non- compliance of Company policies and Terms of Employment

·         Extending support to the senior management towards ensuring the compliance of relevant labour standards like Maritime Labour convention 2006 and RPSL rules

·         Fostering good work relationship amongst sea staff with the assistance of supportive staffs, administrators and the Shore employees in order to develop a conducive and prolific work environment and employee satisfaction

·         Administering emergencies in terms of medical emergencies, death, accidents, captivities,hijack and emotional problems

·         Providing assistance to the seafarers and families in case of emergencies

References are available upon request