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• Date of Birth – 13th July 1970.
• Place of Birth- Kolkata,India
• Nationailty Indian
• Married Status Married & having a child
• Passport No. M4690480


 Degree in Mechanical Engineering having experience over 23 years in reputed Aerospace and Defense Industries and trained in GERMANY on prototype development and tooling technology.
 Specialization in Design, Manufacturing and Outsourcing of Metal and Composite tooling suitable for Aerospace and Defense industry ( Tooling of Aero Structure and Aero Engine parts , High temperature & pressure RTM toolings , Carbon/Glass Epoxy prepreg LTM Tools , Metal toolings in Steel , Aluminum Nickel etc for different projects of Boeing ,Airbus and other OEMs
 Experienced in manufacturing of Advanced Composite and industrial composite parts production related to Aerospace and other industry.
 Heading Industrial Engineering department and familiar with Lean ,Concerto ,TOC practices ,Responsible for setting up of new Aerospace facilities to support for Advanced Composite part production ( Machine spec finalization ,supplier selection , facility layout ,VSM ,capacity analysis etc )
 Major contribution in Indigenous prestigious projects like Chandrayaan ( VSSC) . Airframes Brahmos missile(BAPL) , LCA ( NAL,HAL) ,Radome for Airbrone Surveillance (CABS & DRDO ),


Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University in 2005 (64.5%)
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from State Council of Engineering And
Technical Education 1993 (80%).

Experienced in
 Aerospace Industry(Advanced Composite part manufacturing , Tool design & manufacturing and Industrial Engineering ).
Projects-HAL (ALH &LCH LTM Tooling),GOODRICH (Tooling for fairing & deco cover etc),VSSC (Deck panels).SIKORSKY, SPIRIT AEROSPACE ,Boeing Chinook ,Airbus ,GKN etc
NAL/HAL(LCA) ,TOOLTECH(TOOLS and FAI activities for ALH interior panels)
 Advanced Composite part production for UAV ,ALH , LCH, etc
 Design and manufacturing of more than 300 LTM tools for Aerospace application.
 Manufacturing & designing of patterns & different Epoxy / Polyester resin based composite moulds suitable for both Hand lay-up & Compression molding machine of different FRP components, FAN BLADES etc
 Auto Clave molding, vacuum Infusion .VARTM process etc
 Spray Molding Machine.
 Compression Molding Machine.
 Fan Performance Test Rig.
 Familiar with processes like BMC, SMC, RTM etc.
 Twin Screw Plastic Extruder.
 Plastic Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming Machine .
 Extruded Finning Machine.

Aug 2012 to till date M/S TATA ADVANCED MATERIALS LTD-

Position : DGM ( Tooling and Industrial Engineering) Aerospace and Defense Division

 Heading Tooling and Industrial Engineering Department.
-All aerospace related machine specification finalization & procurement based on future orders .
-Capacity chart development and capacity creation for major expansion of upcoming aero structure business,
-Industrialization of new program ,ramp up of existing business –
– Development of factory layout ,simulation of space and work flow through VSM.
-Implementation of OEE, CPK assessment for major equipments .
– Recent procurement of machines like 10x3m Autoclave ,5 Axis CNC Milling( 8mts x 4mts x 2mts ) ,C-Scan, flat bed scanner , 5 axis CNC router, Acoustic Drilling ,
 Responsible for Design and manufacture of tooling for following
ongoing projects :-
Airbus A350xwb- 900v &1000v—–Wing Assly
Boeing –CH-47 chinook——-AFT Trasmission Assly
Boeing—P8- Tailcone ——-Tailcone Assly
Boeing –P8 –Mechanical Assly—-Cabinet Assly.
Boeing 787—Overwing and Underwing panels
FACC—Engine cover assly
CTRM—Airbus A320 –Wing Assly
VSSC- solar panels
GKN-Inboard flap

Responsible for industrializations of different projects after FAI and improvement activities across organization .

 Responsible for new set up , suitable for Aerospace facility expansion of 16000 sqmts to support new business.

1) Realization of Airbus A350 -1000v tool design and FAI in record time of 5 months .
and with half the cost of 900 v tool .
2) Design and fabrication of Chinook Ramp tool (2m x 2.5m) tool . . It was successfully designed &manufactured within tolerance and cleared for FAI.
3) Concept development for dismantled type pattern manufacturing- which
saved lot of cost and storage space .
4) Design and development of biggest Epoxy–carbon LTM tool (4mts x 2.5 mts ) .
5) Complete development of LCA tooling .


Position : Sr Manager ( Production & Tooling) Advanced Composite Division

 Heading production department ,responsible for production of Advanced
composite parts [Different parts of helicopter(HAL) ,UAV(IAI) ,Missile (BAPL)
satellite deck panels (VSSC) etc] for Aerospace Industry.
 Responsible for Tool Design and manufacturing (Developing tools for
VARTM process required for Bhromos Missile Airframes & UAV).
 Implementation of different production tools 5S,Six Sigma, TOC ,WMS ,CONCERTO etc.
 Familiar with Baan ERP, PLM, SAP working systems.
 Maintaining AS 9100 Rev C,OHSAS 14001 standard in shop floor and responsible for internal audits.
 Visited IAI MBT (Israel) for UAV program.

Dec 2007 to December 14 2010 M/S TATA ADVANCED MATERIALS LTD-

Position : Manager ( Tooling) Aerospace Division

 Responsible for design of composite tools related to Aerospace application.

 Managing a team of CAD Engineers (Operating on CATIA V5R18,Unigraphics
NX.4 etc ).

 Responsible for manufacturing of all composite tools(like LTM carbon prepreg layup
tools ,Glass Epoxy high temp tools for Helicopters etc.

 Responsible for providing technical support to marketing team.

 Responsible for all shop floor activities and maintaining records for Tooling Dept
as per. ISO-9001 :2000, AS-9100 Rev B, NADCAP – AC7118 (Composite).

 Responsible for manufacturing Composite/Metal tools required for different projects[ AirbusA350 xwb.,LCA(NAL/HAL) etc]

 Visited M/S PIAGGIO Aero ,Italy Genova for a very prestigious Tooling program .

Feb 2007 to Nov2007 M/S Westernhouse Commercial Ltd-New Delhi-India

Position : General Manager (Production )

 To manage and control the production of FRP part manufacturing and Tooling Section
 To develop new patterns/moulds/jigs/fixtures of various components of Sanitary products, Architectural product.
 To develop drawings for all components related with special Kiosk manufacturing.
 To take care of overall qualities ,documentation ,testing &QAP systems for smooth functioning of department.
 To lay down & monitor latest procedures for manufacturing top class quality products.
 Existing process review & modification .
 To implement and coordinate with our technical collaborator in Greece.
 To implement new process for part manufacturing.

Aug 2006 to Jan 07 M/S Paltech Cooling Towers & Equipments Limited-New Delhi -India

Position :Manager (Production & Development)

 To manage and control the production of FRP &PVC Section.
 To develop new patterns/moulds/jigs/fixtures of various components of cooling tower & fan blades.
 To carry out the fan performance testing and development as per AMCA 210-85/ANSI /ASHRAE-51-1985 standard.
 To develop drawings for all components related with FRP &PVC Section.
 Additionally responsible for ERP system implementation.
 To maintain the ISO9001 -2000documentation at shop floor.

1.1.1994 to July 2006 M/S Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited-Kolkata -India

Position :Asst Manager (Production & Development)


 To plan, execute &control production activities through the implementation of
quality plan and the associated documents as applicable.
 To monitor and to ensure that the processes which are involved to meet internal
and / or external requirement .
 To determine the sequence and interaction of processes.
 To determine the criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation
and control of these processes are effective.
 To ensure the availability of resources like availability of manpower ,job scheduling etc to support the operation and monitoring of processes.
 To determine the necessary competence for personnel performing work and to provide trainings to satisfy stated and implied needs.
 Maintaining and coordinating diff. activities of production as per ISO 9001-2000 at shop floor and to conduct internal ISO Audit.
 Worked as a Facilitator in Quality Circle Project-

1) Trained for AS 9100 Rev C.

2) Trained in Germany from 3rd February to 4th April 1997 at Stauch GmbH &
.KG,Nikolaus-Otto-Str2 40721 Hilden ,Germany.

The training comprised of the following:
# the various construction and manufacturing steps for pattern making
# the manufacturing of epoxy resin composite mould compression press consisting
of top & base moulds
# the use, compounding and application of mould making raw materials as well
as recipes and different material formulation
# practical mould making training including various mould making machines
and tools
# working principle of compression presses and moulds and introduction in raw
materials for GRP components like Railway chassis, automobile accessories.