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To work at responsible position in a reputed organization in the field of software development, fluid mechanics and R&D. A role wherein I am responsible for overall growth of the organization. I possess high intellectual abilities and I seek a position where my industrial, research and managerial skills are well utilized. I look for industries such as oil/gas, pharmaceutical and food and cosmetics where my expertise is utilized.

Skills & Abilities

Chemical Engineering : Process Engineering, Process Design and Control, Process Modeling, food Processing

Mechanical Engineering: Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, control engineering

Computer Engineering: High performance computing, serial and parallel, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Control Engineering: Model Predictive Control and Various other type of control modeling

Programming Languages : Python, C, Fortran, C++, Java, C#, Javascript, HTML, PHP

Operating Systems : Windows-7, Linux

Software Skills : Matlab, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Workshop, LATEX

Teaching Skills : Teaching and training in large organization about optimization and economics


Process Engineer — Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (Indian Oil)
2011 — 2012
Material and energy balance, P&ID, Process Design and Simulations, Process Monitoring, Process Troubleshooting and Process Modification, Worked in Crude Distillation Unit/Vacuum Distillation Unit, Aviation Turbine Fuel Hydrotreater, Diesel Hydrotreater Gas unit, LPG Treater, Light hydrocarbon analysis, Fuel and Energy Losses, Worked with Indian Oil R & D for Jatropa co-processing with Diesel Product quality control, Process and Production Planning, Crude analysis, hydrocarbon processing, Model predictive control


Research Scholar — National University of Singapore
2012 — 2014
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Computer simulations on Rheology and Dynamics of Complex Fluids

Rheology and dynamics of suspensions, Advanced fluid mechanics

Polymer physics, networks in polymer science, gels and their deformations

Polymer entanglement, bubble suspensions, drug delivery and dynamics of drug carrier

Endocytosis and drug nanocarrier modeling, Rheology of food and cosmetic products, self propulsion of bacteria and based on their dynamics, design nano carrier for drug delivery using self-propulsion, Flagella dynamics in self propulsion, self-propulsion using chemical surface reaction, Tube theory of polymer entanglement, Polymeric networks and diffusion in polymeric networks, Artificial tissues using polymeric gels, drug delivery using environment sensitive polymeric network, Polymer relaxation, Polymer nanoparticle composites



Research Scholar — Indian Institute of Science 2014 — 2015

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Fluid Structure interaction – Computer Simulations

Multiphase flow and heat transfer in fluids, design and analytical work of aerospace vehicles



Research Scholar — McGill University 2015 — 2016

Chemical Engineering, Faculy of Engineering

Quantum Mechanical Calculations on sH Hydrate – Computer Simulations using Siesta

Ab initio molecular dynamics, structure forming through molden, serial and parallel computing, structure deformation and mechanical response, mechanics of molecular structure, quantum atomic interactions, phase field theory and simulations



Research Scholar — Indian Institute of Science 2016 — Present

Mechanical Engineering

Fluid Structure interaction – Computer Simulations in Python

Adaptive meshing for fluid-structure surface capturing,

National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli — B.Tech, India
2007 — 2011


Chemical Engineering, 9.28/10

Won Academic Proficiency Award several times

DAAD Scholarship from German government for pursuing research internship at Technische Universitaet Dresden Germany

Won MEDA fellowship from McGill University

Won NUS research scholarship from National University of Singapore



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DAAD fellowship at Technishe Universitaet Germany

Modeling of reaction on monolithic catalyst using computer simulations






ETH Zurich, Department of Materials

Chain entanglement and tube theory in polymer dynamic



Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Trajectory of particle in the presence of another particle in particle suspension



SMT Rajalakshmi Memorial Award at The Institute Day (2011)

Academic Proficiency Award at The Institute Day (2010)

174th rank in GATE (2010) conducted by IIT Guwahati

School topper in 12th grade conducted by U.P. State Board

Coordinator for Delta T event in Pragayan (2009)

Founder and Manager for CHEMSOL event in Alchemy (2011)

National Service Scheme (2006-2008)



Key Skills

Hard worker and Team player

Self-motivated, self-dependent and strong managerial skills

Creative and innovative, High intellectual abilities

Computer Simulations using various languages

Analytical work and Process modeling

Fluid Dynamics and Rheology

Process control, dynamics and optimization

High performance computing, serial and parallel

Process optimization, economics and quality control

Nanofabrication for drug delivery

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence



Countries visited

Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore



Personal Details
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Name : Sumit Kumar

Date of Birth :  8th Mar 1989

Father’s Name : Mr. Dharamvir Singh

Nationality       : Indian

Languages Known : English, Hindi

Hobbies : Travelling, Typesetting, Writing, Music




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Place: New Delhi  (SUMIT KUMAR)


National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli

2007/2011 BTech

Chemical Engineer



2011 Process Engineer