-Diagnose symptoms, physiological disorders and injuries of patients
-Treat them by the insertion of acupuncture needles or through stimulation techniques such asacupressure, moxibustion, cupping or electrical current.
-Massage Relief
Education or Work experience:
university undergraduate studies in science and training in a related health care discipline or at leastthree years’ work experience under the supervision of a registered acupuncturist.

1. Flexible hours; Overtime required
2. At least three years’ experience in Acupuncture and Massage
3. Repetitive tasks; Flexibility
4.Oral communication in English

About AcuMassage Wellness Centre

At AcuMassage Wellness Centre, we form a compassionate and healing partnership with our patients through in-office treatments, herbal therapy, dietary therapy and patient education. You will find a friendly, relaxing environment where our therapists listen to you and offer you high quality health care with a personal touch. We offer the best treatment options available in the practice of Acupuncture, Massage and Alternative medical treatments.