Help develop artificial intelligence behind facial recognition technologies in a variety of situations and for a variety of origins by taking part in the project.

Short-term earning potential
Work from home with flexible hours
Can work/perform around your regular job
Project Task: 

Record a minimum of 64 up to 80 short selfie videos and quick swipe/tap/type tasks at different times of the day (morning, afternoon/evening) and varied locations (indoor and outdoor)
Each task consists of 1 selfie video and quick simple swipe/tap/type tasks that will take approximately 3 minutes to complete for a total of around 4 hours of work. You can do this all in one day or spread it out over a couple of days.
No experience is necessary, all you need is:  

Fluent spoken and written skills in English and Arabic
Must be a resident of  the United Arab Emirates
Equipment Needed: 

Android device with at least 3GB storage
Good and strong internet connection

What to expect when you register:

Create an Appen Account
Choose Arabic (United Arab Emirates) as your primary language
Complete your profile and project registration [5 min]
Study the provided guidelines [at your own pace]
Agree to confidentiality and ways of working rules
Pass the quiz

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