IT platform and mobile app for investment portfolio analysis

About BeatMarket

BeatMarket is an IT platform and mobile app for investment portfolio analysis. BeatMarket has created an exclusive investor community where experienced professionals provide beginners with invaluable guidance for navigating the complex world of investments. With their expertise and advice, novice investors can construct a profitable portfolio without succumbing to rookie mistakes or market losses; thus enabling them to outperform in both security and return on investment. Suitable for experienced investors looking to build a diversified portfolio, long-term and ongoing fundraising efforts are key. After selecting the desired companies for investment purposes, it's time to acquire them - getting recommendations from those who understand fundraising is essential when investing in a big business.

BeatMarket Score can help you identify which stocks are worth investing in, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck with underperforming ones. Instead of relying on intuition alone, use this tool to get ahead of global investment gurus by predicting which companies will be tomorrow's money-makers. Compare your ideas with those of global investment gurus, see how many champions you already have in your portfolio, quickly find and add new star stocks while others are still discussing them.