Clickworker is always looking for new testers, mostly for Android and/or iOS applications, but also for testing jobs on our web-based clickworker platform.


Project Scope

Most projects are either ongoing or are uploaded in regular intervals on clickworker. This means, they may not be present all the time. If you do not see a project right after you sign up at clickworker, please keep checking back. We will also email workers when a bigger project is launched.


Required skills

All you need is a computer or a smartphone with an Internet connection, the ability to follow instructions and of course the clickworker app.



How to apply

Sign up as a Clickworker in our clickworker app or on www.clickworker.com/clickworker/. Find currently available jobs directly in your job list. Get paid weekly.


About the company

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform which, with the aid of its online community of freelancers, called Clickworkers, handles large-scale business processes for multinational companies.

Simply put, when a company presents us with a project, we divide it into micro-tasks and then offer these to Clickworkers to complete and earn money from online.




Please download our Clickworker App here:

Clickworker App


register as a Clickworker directly on our website:

Clickworker Startpage New


Please do not reply to this ad. Application for this job can only be done from our website or clickworker app. Visit the above link to get to our registration form and become a Clickworker.