Plasterer and Drywall Installer Needed! (NOC 7284)

Job duties:

Preparing surfaces and mixing ingredients to a desired consistency.
Applying, levelling, and smoothing coats of plaster using trowels, floats, brushes and spraying equipment.
Trowelling or spraying coats of stucco over the exteriors of buildings to form weatherproof surfaces.
Finishing corners and angles.
Adding decorative designs, installing ornamental panels, if needed.
Curing freshly plastered surfaces.
Spraying acoustic materials or texture finish over walls and ceilings.
Preparing wall and ceiling layouts.
Measuring, cutting, and fitting drywall sheets for installation on walls and ceilings.
Positioning and securing sheets to metal or wooden studs or joists.
Cutting and installing metal corner beads.
Filling joints, nail indentations, holes, and cracks.
Applying successive coats of compound and sand seams and joints.
Fabricating and installing suspended metal ceiling grids and placing panels.
Installing vapour barriers and thermal and sound insulation.
Cutting openings in lath for heating and ventilation piping, ducts, and electrical outlets.
Installing corner beads and wire mesh around beams to which plaster is to be applied.

Terms of employment: Permanent and full-time

The language of work: English

Wage: CAD $33.20 per hour for 30-50 hours per week

Benefits package being offered: None

Location or locations of work: Toronto, ON

Contact information to apply for the job: Viktoriya@diligentconstruction.ca

Skills requirements:

Precision in measurement of length and angle.
Constructing, restoring, and repairing.
Planning, analyzing, and executing the work according to the plan.
Attention to detail.
Ability to work in a team.
Ability to handle hand tools.
Creativity and ability to create aesthetic decorative work.

Required education:
Completion of secondary school is preferred but not required.
Completion of a three or four-year apprenticeship program in plastering, drywalling or lathing or a combination of over three years of work experience in the trade and some high school, college or industry courses in plastering, drywalling or lathing is preferred but not required.

Required work experience: At least 3 years of experience in plastering, drywalling or lathing.