As the COO for Mold Busters, I’m responsible for overseeing all training for our entire personnel; from customer service to field staff.

With over 15 years of indoor environmental experience behind our belts, we can assist you with any of the following:
– Want some consultation on an indoor environmental concern?
– Need a 2nd opinion on a report you received?
– Need help understanding complicated laboratory results?

If there’s anything I can do to help you as it relates to indoor environmental concerns, I’m happy to spend time with you.

About Mold Busters

We are a proudly Canadian family company, with over 15 years in the business. Our services help improve the quality of many people's lives providing them with a safe environment to be at home and work. We encourage our employees to grow in their careers, and always put their safety first.

Our mission, at Mold Busters, is to make sure that you and all those you care about have a safe and healthy indoor living environment. We know that mold can threaten not only the structural integrity of your home but also your own health and well-being. We have embarked on a mold awareness campaign to help everyone protect themselves and their loved ones. We're removing mold one household at a time!

For more information about open job positions visit: https://www.bustmold.com/careers/

Company Name: Mold Busters

Address: 655 Richmond Rd #29, Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 3Y3, Canada

Phone: 1-877-566-6653